SFC in the Enterprise System

SFC is the “operating arm" of Confindustria for training. It works within the enterprise system to define objectives, major themes and strategy for the development of human capital:

  • Identify, manage, motivate and evaluate the training needs of the Association network
  • transfer key messages regarding change within the enterprise system
  • translate into concrete action the training policies as defined by the Confederation's top management and its relevant committees (in particular the inter-Association committee for training in the enterprise system).
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SFC's internal stakeholders are:

  •  The enterprise system, meaning Confindustria itself, the organisations and bodies of the confederation system at the National local and sectorial level and, indirectly, its members.
  • SFC shareholders belonging to the consortium who are members of associations within the Confindustria system, external companies, training organisations, businesses
  • its human resources, or personnel working for the company and for the enterprise system


Alongside these key figures, SFC also develops partnerships with a wide range of external stakeholders including:

  • Institutions and the Public Administration, often the clients for programmes undertaken by SFC (amongst which: the EU, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social welfare, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Economic Development and inter–professional funds for lifelong learning).
  • Local communities who are reached mainly indirectly and over time through the effects of the many initiatives promoted by the organisation
  • Suppliers (teachers, designers, researchers, consultants etc) carefully selected and reliable partners with whom SFC builds a relationship of trust and cooperation and who contribute through their professionalism to the success of projects and to the high quality of the range of services offered by the organisation.