Sistemi Formativi Confindustria contributes to the growth of management culture and process innovation within the enterprise system for SMEs and for the Public Administration. It operates through the promotion and coordination of training and funded project initiatives.


The continuous exchange of knowledge among stakeholders allows SFC to anticipate and interpret the training needs of the enterprise system and of business, working together to share at the national level results and best practices from activities developed by its members throughout Italy.

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SFC matches the needs expressed by demands from the business enterprise system and the Public Administration to the opportunities proposed by a range of suppliers (management schools, training companies) with a mandate to:

  • coordinate all training initiatives
  • insure they are aligned to policies of human growth capital and management development within the associations
  • guarantee a strong identity and a high level of quality assurance

The activities of the organisation are divided into 4 fundamental objectives:

  1. Reinforce overall capacity for high-quality training programs
  2. Promote innovation along lines that are relevant to business and the public administration
  3. Contribute to spreading development throughout Italy
  4. Strive towards an integrated system linking school–training–business

Given the exclusively institutional nature of its activities, SFC is a non-profit organisation and does not distribute dividends to shareholders.