BBS - Behaviour Based Safety

Fondimpresa - notice 1/2008

"Behaviour-based safety" deals with safety at work by identifying the key moments to monitor within the main management processes of a company.

The activities in the BBS training plan has been designed so that workers can develop the skills to correctly identify danger, to take effective decisions and to communicate efficiently with those directly involved.

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BBS uses the methods and techniques of “organisational behaviour management" derived from behavioural science and focused on the principle of “safe behaviour". This type of training works closely with those people who work on the key processes within a company that impact on safety at work, promoting safe behaviour on a daily basis.

The objectives of the training course are:

  • understanding the role of “key players" for safety through skills enhancement and development
  • highlighting the knowledge and behaviours for health and safety at work to be exploited to optimise rationalise key processes
  • develop the culture of safety and the location of best practices to prevent and reduce risks with the use of Chuter is with broad experience regarding health and safety at work
  • publicising funded training and Fondimpresa by sharing the methodologies adopted and the results achieved.