Altascuola is the area within SFC that deals with training programs aimed at entrepreneurs and at the management of Confindustria enterprise system.

There are specific learning paths for the various roles within the organisation and a range of transversal refresh programs on the most relevant current themes for the enterprise system, as well as tailor-made programmes provided "on demand" based on the needs of the associations.

Altascuola is a Corporate University with a range of distinct but integrated programs, which strives to be a training ground for leadership and to develop the network of relationships and knowledge to free both entrepreneurs and management to think big about the competitiveness of business and of Italy.

Training courses for NEW PRESIDENTS The training programme is reserved for newly elected Presidents offering them the tools to best understand and represent the needs of business Presidents elected within the last 12 months
Training courses for YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS Training courses reserved for young entrepreneurs aimed at the development of the enterprise system leaders of the future. Young Entrepreneurs
Seminars for SMALL INDUSTRY Seminars reserved for entrepreneurs from the small industry committees of the local associations on the key themes and directives of the Confederation. Entrepreneurs from the Small Industry Committees
POLICY AND STRATEGY Seminars Meetings to lay out strategic priorities, to discuss and share solutions for the development of local communities and innovation across sectors. Association Members
The WINTER UNIVERSITY An exclusive biannual event for entrepreneurs working within the associations. It is a window on the world and on the key theme of global strategic relevance. Serving Members
MEETING OF MINDS A tailor made event for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to take a major step forward in their specific line of business or in their local community. Entrepreneurs and businesses
Industrial, Economic and Labour relations Training course dedicated to entrepreneurs to support the development and awareness of industrial, economic and labour relations Association Members
FORM-IN Training programme for new hires in Confindustria: an induction programme aimed at developing a broad range of skills and the ability to network. New hires
FORM-UP A training programme dedicated to the middle management in Confindustria to develop managerial and organisational skills. Middle Management
The Development Project A training and refresher course aimed at Confindustria Managers with a series of appointments on strategy within the Enterprise System. Top Management
Industrial, Economic and Labour relations A training programme for Confindustria aimed at stimulating understanding and awareness of industrial, economic and labour relations. Staff from the Industrial Relations Department